Friday Fictioneers – Cult

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Ann Hall Cult “Which one should we go for?” “I don’t know, something that looks imposing.” “They all look imposing.” Eli and Clide looked at the selection of ceramic chalices in front of them, brows furrowed with confusion. Their black suits making them stand out as different in the quaint, boutique […]

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Friday Fictioneers – Underworld

Jess stood on the damp grass at the edge of the lake. The orange glow was soothing, majestic, it filled her with an emotion she couldn’t understand or express. The watery surface reflected the sky. Two skies, two worlds. She wondered what it would be like down there in that upside-down world. That underworld. Would […]

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The Sven Lands

Something so strange has happened to me this night that I simply must make an account of it. The last few hours have changed my life dramatically. After all this time it still astounds me how the course of ones life can be drastically altered by an unexpected event. Sometimes these events are shocking and […]

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