Flash Fiction

Here are my published Flash Fiction pieces: Sometimes I Smoke – The Cabinet of Heed – January 2018 “Sometimes I smoke. I grab my secret stash, head into the yard when the kids are sleeping and light up. I don’t do it for the nicotine. I do it to remember. Read the rest here  

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot Angel Clodagh lay on the soft grass looking up at the decorative webbing that formed a roof between the trees. It was such a good idea of Noal’s to have a New Year’s Eve party here. Her idea for fancy dress was even better. It had been epic. She turned […]

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Flicker – Friday Fictioneers

  PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook Flicker ‘What the hell are they?’ My husband bustled through the front door, snow swirling with him. He’s carrying two orb-shaped lights on iron rods in his hands. ‘They’re Christmas decorations. I thought they’d look good in living room, on the wall. You know… to create an ambience.’ ‘An […]

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